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US Navy veteran Shadeed Eleazer is a Keynote speaker, 5x Author and a Certified Business Mentor. He is also Baltimore’s leading Small Business Advisor. He served overseas on the USS Kitty Hawks

He was born into an entrepreneurial family, he joined the Military after working in his uncle’s business who is a Sgt. First Class in the Army because he didn’t want to be the kid who will be stuck in a dead end job and a minimum wage. His first exposure to the Military life and culture was when he was helping his uncle with his business and he learned that the Military was the stable path in terms of learning skills and creating a career so he took the leap.

Right around his E3 rank, he writes the brag sheets for E6 and up ranks and a couple of people got success on that that’s when the words spread about his writing skills. At a very young age and as an E3, he was invited to attend transition seminars and do public speaking to sailors that are on their 9 month window on their transition to civilian life. He also made free resumes for half of the floating city population during his time with the Navy.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Shadeed will talk about how to transition out of the Military the proper way. They will discuss why it’s important to have a plan whether to stay or get out and that you should have at least 3 months of living expenses saved up when you get out. They also talked about working the opportunity once you get in and to pay yourself first every pay day.

Let’s listen to them as they discuss how to set yourself up properly, not just financially but also mentally and check out how Shadeed Eleazer can help us with our transition and businesses because when the rules are clear to Shadeed, he excels.

Key Points:

Served Overseas on the USS Kitty Hawks

Didn’t Want to be the Kid who would be Stuck in a Dead End Job and a Minimum Wage

Wrote Brag Sheets for E5s and Up

Made a lot of Free Resumes for Sailors

Pay Yourself First Every Pay Day

Work the Opportunity Once You Get In

Set Yourself Up Properly Not just Financially, but also Mentally

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