Marine Veteran Trace Johannesen was elected to Rockwall City Council in 2018. He and his wife Amy live in Stone Creek Estates with their three children. Trace works in business strategy and technology consulting for a purpose-driven consulting firm called Slalom. Prior to joining Slalom, Trace worked for technology professional services firms in varying leadership roles.

Before City Council, Trace served on Rockwall’s Architectural Review Board. He also proudly serves Rockwall in varying capacities including leading Communications for the local American Legion Post, as a partner in Chamber of Commerce, a Founding Member of Rockwall Veterans Business Alliance, and a Founding Member of 100 Business Leaders of Rockwall County.

A fourth-generation US Marine, Trace left his job to enlist in September 2001 in the wake of the terrorist attacks. He deployed to Okinawa and the Philippines, completed his service in 2005, and returned to Texas A&M University in College Station only to be recalled to service in 2007. He then deployed to Iraq on a Military Transition Team (MiTT) embedded with the Iraqi Army as military instructor cadre. Upon his return to Texas, Trace completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Management Information Systems at Texas A&M.

In this episode, Trace talks to Sgt. BeReal about his experiences during service and his transition out of the Military. They exchanged words about getting involved and giving back to the community as veterans because they know that when you do this, good things happen not just to yourself but to the whole community.

Let’s listen to them and get golden nuggets that can help you function better as a civilian and find that greater purpose that everyone is trying to figure out.

Key Notes:

Figured out while still in the Marine Corps that he would get back to college and do business

Back in college campus at 29 years old

Recalled and got deployed to Iraq but with his terms

Worked for a software firm for almost 6 years

During his transition, finding a job for Trace wasn’t that difficult, it’s finding the right job that was hard

He felt his life is missing a bigger purpose

Get involved in the community and good things will happen

The stronger the community, the better the community

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