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Disabled Marine Corps Veteran turned Realtor, Kyle Page has the skills, knowledge and cutting edge tech and takes pride on representing his clients’ best interest in what could be the largest transaction of their lives.

After high school, Kyle Page enrolled in Anthropology at the University of Alabama and dropped out to join the Marine Corps.

He started out as a mechanic in the Marine. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and experienced losing a couple of good guys out there because of IEDs. After he got out of Afghanistan, he became a marksmanship instructor and was promoted as a Corporal. Things were really going great for him until the Marine found some complications with him medically.

He applied for mechanic jobs before getting discharged, got an offer and started working the day after he got out. He got a lot of help from organizations and groups outside the Military during his transition. He also tried welding as a profession but his calling was into Real Estate.

Kyle joined his wife Lisa Page in the summer of 2018 and started their “Power Couple” team The Next Page Team in the world of Real Estate. Their focus is helping people by giving back to the community through charitable organizations. They strive to make a difference in the community every day. One such charity is Homes For Our Troops, which is a Non Profit who they partner with and donate a portion of their commission to. In just a short time they have hit the ground running and have become one of the top producing teams in their market.

Let’s listen to Sgt. BeReal and Kyle as they talk about his transition, the “highs and lows” and how Kyle managed to become what he is today.

Key Points:

  • The effects of losing good guys in your unit
  • How he prepared his life before being discharged using the skills he learned in the Military
  • Asking for help from non-profit organizations and other groups really helps a lot in your transition
  • Life as a mechanic and welder outside the Military
  • Real Estate journey with his wife
  • Giving back to the community as realtors

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