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CPL Joseph Gibbons was born and raised in Alaska and moved out of state when he joined the Marines at the age of 18. He always wanted to be a Marine since he was 7 years old, had an adolescence rebellion, and moved out at the age of 17, and lived with a girlfriend who became his wife in 2011.

He was in the Marines for 5 years and was a Plane Captain on Cobra and Huey helicopters. He inspected them and performed maintenance to make sure that they were safe for flight so that our pilots could carry out the mission and return home safely.

He missed his chance for the sandbox (Afghanistan) by 27 days, roster was already filled but the Marines really formed him to be able to persevere and to be able to be confident in everything that he does. He was also in contact with a lot of good guys because of his learnings from the leadership above him.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal (John) talks to CPL Joe about his transition out of the Military, was it hard? Yes! He had bumps along the road where he dealt with alcohol and drugs and was in the middle of a divorce. He even sent 250 applications to find a job and when he got one, he spent more than 40 hours every month traveling for his job.

But guess what? He endured all hardship because of a very supportive family and the state of Texas, he even won his wife back. He also established his own company as a Business and Individual Solutions Consultant. He specializes in Employee Benefits to individual financial analysis, from the seed of an idea to the final product. He also does Retirement Income Protection, Legal Services Coverage, Identity Theft Coverage & Restoration, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance and HR Consulting Services for Employers.

Let’s listen to this podcast and learn the details of Joe’s hardships, how he endured all of it, how he bounced back and started his business, and how Joe’s business can help us.

Key Points:

  • Who is CPL Joseph Gibbons before a Marine, as a Marine and after a Marine?
  • Hardships with job hunting
  • Dealing with alcohol and drugs after his Marine life
  • Losing his wife due to bad decisions
  • How the state of Texas turned his life around
  • How can Joe’s business help us with his areas of service
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