Black Lives Matter

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In this episode, Sgt. BeREal gives his perspective about the George Floyd incident. He urges the veterans to stand up and do something about this thing. Sgt. BeReal thinks that veterans should have a presence in their own communities and should have a sit down with the City Council, City Mayor, The Chief of Police and the Police Union to know/adjust/change the rules of engagement of our Police Officers.

He stated that veterans fought for our country’s freedom so our country can be free — free of racism, free of bigotry and free of unfair treatment of our citizens. He also said that black lives matter, all lives matter.

Let’s listen to Sgt. BeReal’s view about the George Floyd incident and know how we as veterans can take part to make our own communities better and make sure that this kind of incident does not and will not happen to the place that our families and friends live in.

Key Points:

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter
Rules and Engagement of Police Officers
Veterans Should Have a Presence in their Own Communities

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