Zack Knight is currently an Infantry Lieutenant and platoon leader in the United States Army Georgia National Guard. His time spent in the Army has involved extensive training in risk assessment and mitigation techniques that have been proven in the most intense environments.

From the streets of metro-Atlanta as a police officer and SWAT Operator, to the mountains of Afghanistan as an Infantry leader, Zack has been tested on his crime and risk mitigation expertise as well as his leadership. He has built this experience into Knight Protection Services, where he and his team provides those techniques to a wide array of businesses.

Zack has recently started Be a Tactical Leader in an effort to share the lessons that business leaders, as well as his own lessons in business, have learned after years of experience. This was fostered from the launching of the podcast Tactical Leadership, which he hosts. Zack also volunteers on the board of Vetlanta, the physical security council for ASIS, and as co-chair of Surviving To Thriving.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Zack talks about his journey as a policeman to becoming an Army. They also talked about Zack’s wife, a policewoman who can hustle from one work to another to running a business. They also discussed the importance of your network and what should the Military be doing to prepare veterans with their civilian life.

Let’s listen to them and absorb all the information that they willingly share to help veterans and those who are still active in duty deal with their civilian lives.

Key Points:

His Police Officer Wife That Can Hussle From One Thing To Another

The Military Didn’t Prepare Us For Transition Like They Trained Us

The Military Should Have An 8-Week Course To Prepare Veterans With Their Civilian Life

Your Network Is So Important, It’s Your Networth In Business

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