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CW3 (Ret) Wayne Taylor originally from New Bedford, MA enlisted in the United States Army after high school as an infantry mortarman. After eight years as an infantryman he transitioned to a Counterintelligence Special Agent where he served an additional three years and moved from the Noncommissioned Officer Corps (E-7) to the Warrant Officer Corps. Wayne served as an Area Intelligence Officer and Counterintelligence Officer until he retired from the military after 20-years of service. His 20-year active duty service included: Ft. Ord, CA; Ft. Myers, VA; Camp Casey, South Korea; Schofield Barracks, HI; Ft. Bragg, NC; Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, PR; Joint Terrorism Task Force Detroit, MI; Ft. Huachuca, AZ; and MacDill AFB, FL. Wayne has military operations on five continents with two combat tours to Afghanistan. 

Upon retirement Wayne transitioned to the corporate sector working with a defense contracting company. Upon realizing that a meaningful purpose of service was missing Wayne began working as a volunteer with the Hillsborough County Veterans Treatment Court. Finding purpose assisting others, he transitioned to his current role as the Assistant Director of Military and Veterans Success Center at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Wayne continues to encourage military and veteran students through his example of continuing education as he pursues his EdD. in Program Development with an emphasis in education innovation focused around veteran advocacy. 

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Wayne will talk about what to expect and do after transitioning out of the Military. They also discussed about the thing that’s missing in their daily lives as civilians even though they are financially stable, it wasn’t all that, there’s really something missing. Another thing that they talked was about starting all over again, just like being a private when you first enter the military and with hardwork and perseverance, climb your way to the top when in the real world as civilians, they made it clear that it is okay to start fresh at the bottom and work your way up just like in the Military.

They also pointed out some organizations like Veterans Treatment Court, Donate Money For Me To Hire Homeless People, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Suits for Soldiers. These groups can help you with your transition and through them, you can also offer your help to those that are having hard times with their transition.

Let’s listen to Sgt. BeReal and Army Veteran Wayne Taylor as they give us golden advices and insights about transitioning out of the Military. As the Assistant Director and Coordinator of the Military and Veterans Success Center, Wayne can also help by assisting our service members and their families who decide to attend University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

Key Points:

  • Daily activities during their Military days are missed
  • Something is missing even though they are good financially
  • Comparing work as an Army and as a civilian
  • Struggle with what to wear as a civilian going to work
  • How veteran organizations can help you with your transition
  • Helping the Military, veterans, their family members get  school scholarships

Groups and Organizations:

  • Veterans Treatment Court
  • Donate Money For Me To Hire Homeless People
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Suits for Soldiers
  • Military and Veterans Success Center, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
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