Army Veteran Timothy Stroud is the CEO of Stroud Marketing Group.

Learning from his mentor, Paul J. Meyer, he set specific GOALS in his life. Paul helped him focus his energy and showed him the values of being a Servant Leader.

After his honorable service as a Combat Medic in the United States Army, he quickly learned that others were not able to transition into a civilian workforce and that a better system needed to be created.

By networking and learning about the 40,000+ Veteran Service Organizations in the U.S., he has been blessed to work with some amazing people. Alongside them, he get to teach veterans how to connect with each other and find the resources available in their areas. This includes finding training, education, jobs and careers.

He has been laser-focused on helping Veterans, their families and supporters replace the benefits that they had while in the military. This includes SGLI (life insurance), TSP (saving/investments), and health coverage.

Specialties: Personal networking, professional speaking, keynote addresses, leadership, sales, marketing, team building, motivation, veteran networks, keeping my finger on the political pulse, and volunteering!

Key Points:

Did not served right after high school

Father was killed while on duty as a policeman when he was 5 years old

He left the Casinos at the age of 27 to join the Military as a Combat Medic

He was a great Medic with “magical” hands

Joined the local Chamber of Commerce when he got out

Surrounded himself with good people

Learn a lot of new processes in your life

You got to find your place

Calling all veterans to get involved, find a cause that you absolutely believe in

Do Delegate Delete Delay

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