Sandra Hardy has over 20 years of Human Resource Management Experience, MBA Human Resource Management, Retired Military Veteran, Public Speaker, and over 20 years of career development experience. She brings not only an educational experience but life experience to the table. Her passion is helping women to reach their full potential in life, and empowering women to become victorious in their journey is her life’s goal.

As a human resource in the Military, she’s the one in charge of all the soldiers’ records, promotions, and insurance. She has to adapt to being in the field as a woman and had worries about her hygiene and how to clean herself. When she became an NCO, she really had to step up as a woman. Her transition to the civilian world was slow but gave her a chance to adapt and adjust.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Sandra about her experiences with her Military and civilian life. Sandra will share her baby steps in transitioning to the civilian world and how she overcame her struggles. They also talked about not letting someone or something stop you from feeling and enjoying being a woman.

Let’s join them and know how you can be both a woman and a Military. We’ll also know some ways to adapt and learn things as we are transitioning to the civilian world.

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