Rolande Sumner is the creator of the Triple-A Approach veteran retention and engagement designed to help organizations retain their good veteran hires after they’ve been recruited.

LASTCo’s CEO and Veteran Employment Retention Consultant, Rolande Sumner, is a US Army Retiree, Business Development Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Trainer with 24 years of Leadership, Management, Human Resources, Administration, Coaching, and Consulting expertise. Rolande is also a best-selling author of Behind The Rank Vol. 3.

Rolande has created an unparalleled signature program to transform veteran acclimation, facilitate veteran advancement, and develop veteran alignment so stakeholders coexist in the workplace productivity, resulting in an emotionally healthy and financially secure partnership. She has successfully transitioned veterans out of the military and into productive careers and fulfilling lives.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Rolande about her experiences while in the Military and after she got out. They discussed that fear is one of the reasons why you don’t do the things that you are exceptional at.

Let’s listen to them and know Rolande’s challenges and how she overcame it. We’ll also know how Rolande can help us with our transition and live a fulfilling life through productive careers.

Key Notes:

Involved in a mortar attack while on a convoy

Had a challenging Military experience

Got fired in just 2 months from an HR job

Veterans are amazing entrepreneurs by nature

Having a mentor and coach brings connection to each other

Fear can control your life

Professional Development

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