Matt Hesse is the Founder and CEO of Corr-Jensen Inc., a disruptive, innovative health and wellness company.

With a background ranging from athletics, to the military, as well as owning and operating a chain of nutritional retail outlets. Matt has combined his lifelong passion for health and nutrition education with savvy marketing platforms to launch successful, pioneering brands such as PERFORMIX, Training Day and ORB Wellness.

Matt leads Corr-Jensen and its brands with a determination to evolve the wellness space. Offering honest, straight forward products and services which help users create a healthier lifestyle. Matt is intensely involved in the veteran community, and his mission in helping veterans find a healthy transition from the military into fitness, this is his greatest passion.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Matt about his experiences during and after the Military. They also discussed that many veterans tend to forget the importance of physical fitness after they got out.

Let’s listen to them and find an opportunity to refocus, find a purpose and live that purpose. We will also know about Fitops, it was founded on the belief that fitness is transformative to every aspect of our lives. To be humble and hungry for success in being our physical best is a mindset that can be brought into both personal and professional relationships.

Key Notes:

Creating a better transitioning program for veterans

Veterans tend to forget the importance of physical fitness after they got out

Lost of purpose can really affect veterans after transitioning out of the Military

The Military gave him leadership skills

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