Lane Belone is the Co-Founder at Quality Of Life Enterprises and Founder at Increase Freedom. He helps others do more of what they really want in life.

Lane is the lead on high-performance training and Implementer of the HIT and QOL movement. He also train entrepreneurs to develop a “flow state” to perform their best in business. Lane is applying the Special Forces mindset to business to dominate their industry and extract individual purpose to then express fundamental purpose via business.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Lane talks about how to prepare and why it’s important to have a plan when you transition out of the Military. They also talked about the book – Unleash Your Humble Alpha and how it can help us.

Let’s listen to them and get lots and lots of information about transitioning out of the Military and how to humble ourselves to get the results that we want in life.

Key Notes:

Gave himself 12 months from the day he got out (planned everything on that 12 month period)

Setting up a plan gives yourself opportunities for adjustments

It’s not about who you were, it’s about who you are now

Transitioning out of the Military is very challenging and it has many hurdles

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