Army veteran James McNeil is an experienced motivational speaker and author as well as the founder and owner of the Inspirational Connection, bringing you the best patriotic and inspirational products.

James is the author of Finding Your Personal Mission, it chronicles the obstacles people face when they have suicidal thoughts.

In this episode, Sgt BeReal and James will talk about the suicidal minds of veterans. James explains the reasons why many people commit or attempt suicide and can provide professional help to overcome it.

Let’s listen to them to gain more information about suicidal attempts, how to get rid of it and how James can be of assistance to you or to someone you know.

Key Points:

Had 2 different suicide attempts

Reaching out does not make you a failure, it gets you healed

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, asking for help is true strentgh

The value of having a battle buddy

You can’t do it by yourself when you go out of the Military

Your story is not over yet

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