Army Veteran Chris Ellenburg is a North Georgia native, born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. He joined the Army directly out of high school, and served until December 2012, when he left the military with one goal in mind: to continue serving his country, by supporting our Armed Forces.

This is how Over the Edge Outdoors was born. As someone who grew up surrounded by the outdoors, Chris took his passion for nature and turned it into a way for our service men and women to build relationships and communities with those who shared their experiences.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Chris talks about the lifestyle change when you get out of the Military. They also discussed the importance of camaraderie and how to preserve its existence even when you are already out of the Military. They also pointed out that there will be challenges when you transition from the Military to civilian life.

Let’s listen to them and pick golden nuggets that can help us become the person that we want to be when we transition from Military duty to a civilian.

Key Points:

The brotherhood that you have in the Military is different from your relationships in the civilian life

The feeling that you don’t need help but realized that there is a community for him

Don’t be too proud

The only unanswered questions are questions not asked

Getting out of the Military is a lifestyle change

The difference between your relationship with Military friends and veterans vs civilians

Camaraderie is very important

Challenges during transition

No question is a stupid question

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