Army Veteran Andrew Nelson is a former Weapons Squad Leader at 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He studied Political Science and History at University of Washington and Intellectual Property at McGeorge School of Law. He is a Partner at Fortis LLP.

A legacy of his service as an infantryman and paratrooper, he knows the challenges of veterans, including the things that keep them up at night.

Andrew helps business owners with the trademarks that they want to use are available and protectable, both of which are instrumental to building a valuable brand that stands out in the marketplace.

He has been helping businesses thrive in several industries, including apparel/footwear/accessories, health & beauty, marketing & consulting, technology staffing, construction, and alcoholic beverages.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks with Andrew about his experiences as an army and his journey to becoming a lawyer. They also discussed why having a plan is essential whatever your plan is – staying in the Military or getting out of the Military.

Let’s listen to them and get golden nuggets on how you can transition out of the Military smoothly. We’ll also learn how Andrew can help veterans protect their brand.

Key Notes:

Experience as an Army

His journey to becoming a Lawyer

Got a double Major in Political Science

Graduated Cum Laude

Was motivated and directed well

Had a plan before joining the Military

Find a business mentor or life mentor

If you have a plan, the smoother your transition will be

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