Air Force Veteran Dr. Rob Garcia is a Warrior Strategist. He is also a champion undeterred by circumstance, station in life or obstacles.

He grew up up in a low income family and failed out of high school and college. He set out on a path to inspire and lead from the front. He loves helping people to realize their purpose and to achieve far past what they thought possible.

After 8 books, 135+ interviews, starting a magazine and winning a business award, he realized that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

In this eipsode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Rob about his transition out of the Military. Rob also suggests to get a job for a year and decide if you want to move on the entrepreneurial world.

Let’s listen to them and get valuable information on how you can transition from the Military to civilian life the easy way.

Key Points:

Start your transition a year out

Get a job for a year and decide if you want to or can move on the entrepreneurial world

Build a revenue

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