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Dr. Antoinette (Ann) James, originally from Georgia, began her career in the U.S Air Force where over 21 years she went from the lowest enlisted rank to a commissioned officer. Over her military career, she held numerous positions which included personnel administration, financial management, and a Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor.  In her continuance of service, now as the founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Battle Buddies, Dr. Ann is on a mission to educate and equip military service women and veterans on how to regain control and win the battle over their finances so that they can experience a prosperous life.

While serving as an adjunct instructor with Air University, Dr. Ann’s passion for teaching allowed her to directly impact the career development of Air Force Civilians. She currently serves on numerous dissertation committees to support doctoral students conducting qualitative and quantitative research.  Her personal research topics includes military transition and women veterans.

During her downtime, Dr. Ann enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family.

In this episode, Sgt. BeReal and Dr. Ann will discuss how important it is to be ready for the lifestyle change, from Military life to a civilian by having the correct mindset and planning financially so you won’t have problems transitioning. They also talked about how easy it is to transition as long as it is properly done.

Let’s listen to them and find out how Dr. Ann did her transition and why it was easy for her and you can copy what she did to have a smooth transition too. Let’s also find out how female veterans and those who are still in service can reach out to her through her company Financial Freedom Battle Buddies and win the battle over their finances.

Key Points:

  • 21 Years in Service
  • Didn’t have problems transitioning because he planned everything out when she was still in the Military
  • Transition can be very easy if done properly
  • Your Mindset can affect your Life as a Military and as a Civilian
  • It’s not how much you make, it’s about how you manage what you have
  • Lifestyle Change Readiness
  • Financial planning was not taught in the Military
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